Temkin International has begun to include Child-Guard on its various packaging applications. Child-Guard is a child-resistant slider from Fresh-Lock Slider Zipper, and is specifically designed to ensure the security of products not intended for unsupervised children. With a customer-friendly and ergonomic user experience, the system was a natural fit for the high standards of Temkin International.

Supporting Temkin International’s long history of environmentally-conscious manufacturing practices, Child-Guard uses significantly less materials than alternative options for child-resistant packaging. Additionally, it protects children by meeting the requirements for child resistance stated in the Poison Prevention Packaging Act. The closure has also been awarded a Drug Master File (DMF) listing – an important FDA approval recognition that allows for pharmaceutical packaging.

Packaging applications compatible with the Child-Guard system range from pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, chemicals, lawn & garden, and household products. As Temkin International implements new technology, the opportunities for new packaging will continue to grow.

Along with Child-Guard, Temkin International has also launched the Ergo Zipper. The zipper uses the same structure as Child-Guard, except without lock technology. The Ergo Zipper is designed to be comfortable and reliable.


Temkin International