The food protection and preservation capabilities of RPC bpi protect’s X-Hance film have earned it a Packaging Europe Sustainability Award in the Cutting Food Waste category.

The Packaging Europe Sustainability Awards celebrate innovation and creativity that make significant environmental advances across the supply chain.

X-Hance is a 100 percent opaque breathable film. This eliminates light rays in order to protect products, preserve their freshness and quality, as well as deliver extended shelf life. Equally important, the high-impact film can be printed in up to 10 colors to enhance brand image and deliver effective point-of-sale promotion.

The film performs well and consistently on VFFS packing machines, with excellent seal strength integrity. Additional perforations can be included to improve air flow within the pack, without affecting the aesthetics or performance of the packaging.

X-Hance has already been adopted by a leading retailer for its potato ranges, preventing the green discoloration that occurs when potatoes are subjected to too much light. This is the main reason why an estimated 730,000 tons (or about 5.8 million individual potatoes) are thrown away by households each year. 

“We are delighted to receive this significant environmental accolade,” says Andrew Green, deputy CEO, RPC bpi group. “X-Hance offers a number of key benefits for food retail markets, ensuring product are well protected and preserved throughout the supply chain while at the same time providing the high quality decoration that creates a premium image on shelf.”


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