Lundberg Tech A/S, a manufacturer of precision-engineered trim and matrix systems for the printing, packaging, and converting industries, is expanding its presence in the United States with headquarters now in Newark, Delaware. The company’s global headquarters are in Copenhagen, Denmark, where the company has been providing waste handling solutions to the marketplace for more than 30 years.

In 2016, Lundberg Tech merged with Delaware-based Trim Waste Management and formed Lundberg Tech Inc. with the objective of expanding its presence throughout North America. The joint venture combines Lundberg Tech Copenhagen’s machining and precision manufacturing resources with Trim Waste Management’s extensive U.S. network and regional market knowledge.

“We are taking our position in the North American marketplace very seriously and are dedicating financial and personnel resources to this important global region,” says Leif Hansen, chairman of Lundberg Tech A/S. “We look to North America as a tremendous opportunity to build upon our first-in-class reputation at handling by capture, convey cut, collect and compact waste. Our range of products and waste handling solutions are ideally suited to the waste management and lean manufacturing pressures converters in the label and flexible packaging sectors face on a daily basis.”

Lundberg Tech Inc. has a team of industry experts in operations, sales management and marketing roles. Kevin McCloskey, founder and owner of Trim Waste Management, has taken on the role of Lundberg Tech Inc.’s president. 

“I am thrilled to be working with Lundberg Tech in expanding their presence in the North American market,” says Erik Adams, director of sales for Lundberg Tech Inc. “Lundberg Tech’s waste-handling systems are now sold, stocked and serviced directly from the United States by personnel with decades-long experience in web handling and waste removal. Lundberg Tech is a company with extremely high precision engineering and performance standards with a long history of delivering state-of-the-art technology solutions.”

Lundberg Tech A/S