Montalvo has named Matthias Geissler as its new applications specialist for Europe. Geissler’s primary responsibilities include overseeing all aspects of sales, service and support for customers throughout Europe. He’ll be based in Montalvo Deutschland.

Montalvo’s German Senior Manager Dietmar Herzog says,

“Matthias joins us from glass industry, bringing with him a highly technical skill set and experience with servicing complex machines,” says Dietmar Herzog, Montalvo German senior manager. “This knowledge and experience makes him a great addition to our Europe team. As our new applications specialist for Europe, Matthias will be able to take his technical knowledge and service experience directly to our customers to help make their processes more productive.”

Before Montalvo, Geissler specialized in the installation and commissioning of complex systems in the glass industry. He has also worked with components for optical inspection for industrial customers. He was previously employed by Symplex Visions Systems GmbH and before that, Beckhoff.