Sun Chemical has become a silver patron of the Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), a non-profit organization that certifies printing facilities' sustainability best practices.

Sun Chemical, which produces printing inks, coatings and supplies, pigments, polymers, liquid compounds, solid compounds and application materials, has shown a commitment to furthering sustainable business practices, says Penny Holland, vice president of marketing for Sun Chemical’s North American inks division.

"Our policy is based on the concept of eco-efficiency as defined by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, meaning that eco-efficiency is achieved by the delivery of economically competitive goods and services that satisfy our customers' needs and bring quality of life, while progressively reducing ecological impact and resource intensity throughout the life cycle," she said. "We are pleased to provide SGP with support as patrons."

As a silver patron, Sun Chemical recognizes SGP's role in advancing the sustainable printing practices in both the print and buying communities.

"For many years, Sun Chemical has been promoting sustainability through its products and services to the printing industry,” said Doreen M. Monteleone, SGP board member. “By supporting SGP as a patron, they take the next step in a leadership role to encourage sustainable business practices.”


Sun Chemical