In collaboration with HP Inc., Toppan Printing Co., Ltd. has leveraged its transparent barrier film GL BARRIER*1 to develop a new product for retort packaging, GL FILM Digital Printing Grade, which is compatible with HP’s cutting-edge HP Indigo digital presses for flexible packaging.

Toppan Printing will launch sales of this product in late-September 2017, targeting markets in Japan and overseas for food sold in retort pouches, such as pasta sauces and beans. This is the world’s first transparent barrier film for retort packaging on which digital printing is possible. 

GL FILM Digital Printing Grade is the world’s first barrier film to enable digital printing, which facilitates the provision of a wide range of package types in small lots, while maintaining the same oxygen and water vapor barrier performance as conventional films after retort sterilization, something which has until now been considered difficult with transparent barrier film.

Introducing packages using this film will enable distributors and manufacturers to provide high-value-added products catering to the diverse needs of consumers. 


Toppan USA