In response to a recent increase of regulatory agency visits to manufacturing facilities, Ship & Shore Environmental Inc., has announced a new campaign for U.S. packaging industry clients. Announced at Pack Expo Las Vegas, Ship & Shore's Fall/Winter 2017 "Keeping up with the EPA Campaign" is designed to help packaging companies with post-installation services pertaining to permitting, preventive maintenance (PM) inspections, source testing, reports and measurements. The company also announced the expansion of its service team.  

"Despite the recent news about the current administration's efforts to curb environmental restrictions on manufacturers, there has actually been a significant increase in the past few months in regulatory agency visits to manufacturing facilities across the U.S. They have been closely looking into permit statuses, re-evaluating equipment destruction efficiencies, making sure systems meet new limits of CO and low NOx, and requiring additional source tests to be performed. Rather than dealing with these checks on their own, our Fall/Winter 2017 "Keeping Up With the EPA" campaign offers discounted service visits to answer questions and help manufacturers ensure their equipment is in full compliance and thus avoid any potential issues with air quality regulations," says Anoosheh Oskouian, Ship & Shore president & CEO.  


Ship & Shore Environmental, Inc.