TC Transcontinental Packaging has introduced Oven N Done, Fresh Meals Made Easy, a new innovative packaging solution for the supermarket perimeter. Developed and created by the teams at Robbie in Lenexa, Kansas, this new solution offers supermarkets the opportunity to package fresh seafood or poultry meals with vegetables using their own stores’ chef-inspired recipes, spices and seasonings.

The bag, offered in black or a brown design, can go directly in the oven or the microwave. Customers who are looking to enjoy healthy, fast and fresh meals made easy can choose one of the prepackaged meals or customize their own version.

“This new packaging is strategic for TC Transcontinental Packaging as it allows us to penetrate the seafood department at the retailer, while expanding our existing footprint in the deli,” said Rebecca Casey, senior director of marketing at TC Transcontinental Packaging. “The new bag was also developed with retailers in mind, blending science, technology and art together to create the perfect flexible packaging and meet their evolving needs.”

Research shows consumers are demanding a wide range of conveniently packaged food products that result in quick meals without sacrificing quality. Consumers want to buy, store, prep and serve with the minimum amount of time and effort that it takes to effectively get the job done. This leaves the seafood counter and deli with a unique opportunity to offer fresh prepackaged seafood, poultry or veggies combined to create healthy and delicious meal solutions.


TC Transcontinental Packaging