Sun Chemical has introduced a new digitally printed packaging solution for the label, narrow web and packaging markets, SunEvo Digital Coatings.

Designed to provide the finest and most advanced coating solutions for digital package printing, SunEvo Digital Coatings allow for a collaborative initiative in the supply chain, providing a link between the substrate, press and ink and providing converters with technically advanced solutions that are tailored to their requirements and that fit within industry standards.

Suitable for labelling, flexible packaging, folding carton or corrugated printing, SunEvo Digital Coatings are structured around various technological platforms that work with numerous digital printing techniques including electro-photography (EP), liquid electro-photography (LEP), water-based inkjet systems and energy curable (EC) inkjet systems.

By enhancing surface treatments, SunEvo Digital Coatings allow converters to print on a wide range of substrates, including non-porous filmic and paper-based substrates and complementing digital inks to deliver functionality, protection, productivity and finishing.

Additionally, Sun Chemical has launched SolarFlex LED, its new range of high performance UV-LED flexo, 4-color process inks for surface printing on flexible films and labels for migration-compliant food packaging.

SolarFlex LED is based on SolarVerse, Sun Chemical’s new range of highly pigmented, low viscosity, multipurpose UV flexo concentrates, as is SolarFlex FSP, the range of migration-compliant, UV flexo inks that Sun Chemical launched earlier this year. Thanks to its patented M-Cure photoinitiators, SolarFlex LED is rapid curing, ensuring full cure at high press speeds, and is fully compliant with regulations for food, pharmaceutical, tobacco and cosmetics packaging.

Offering consistently low viscosity and unparalleled flow, SolarFlex LED is designed to deliver superb printability and ink transfer, and low foaming characteristics for the most reliable press performance. The new product also has robust adhesion characteristics, allowing printers to use it on a wide range of plastic substrates, and provides high holdout on even the most absorbent substrates for increased print quality. The process inks are complemented by a surface print LED curing flexo opaque white with market-leading opacity and whiteness enabling high quality transparent labels and flexible packaging to be produced fully with LED curing.


Sun Chemical