Uflex’s Flexfresh liner bag has been accredited by Indian Council of Agricultural Research – National Research Centre on Pomegranate (ICAR-NRCP), marking a big development in active modified atmospheric packaging.

Tests were carried out with a clear protocol of comparing the shelf-life of pomegranates in refrigerated conditions. The quality parameters of stored fruits, such as percent physiological loss in weight (PLW), texture, color, sensory attributes and the biochemical parameters, were checked at a 15 days interval for a storage period of 90 days.

It was observed that the control fruits (pomegranates) which had neither been wax-treated nor packaged in liner bags were acceptable only up to 30 days on the basis of sensory score. The PLW on 30th day for control fruits was 7 percent. The wax pretreated fruits were acceptable on the basis of sensory score up to 45 days with PLW of 7.10 percent. The fruits packaged in liner bag either pre-treated or non-treated with wax were found to be acceptable up to the 90th day of storage with low PLW of 4.30 percent and 4.36 percent, respectively. The wax treatment improved storability of fruits by 15 days over control fruits. The fruits treated with wax and packaged in liner bag improved storability significantly by 60 days over control.

Flexfresh is a special patented polymeric film manufactured by Uflex for fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers.

“Flexfresh has performed across the entire gamut of fresh fruits, vegetables and flowers categories, and has provided optimal shelf-life making it possible for the growers to extensively use sea-freight to reduce carbon foot print and maximize their returns,” says N. Siva Shankaran, vice president, Uflex.