Diminished shelf appeal, ergonomic issues, restricted opening features and poor stackability.

Those were four main issues that Veetee, one of the largest rice suppliers in the United Kingdom, recently faced with its packaging. In order to resolve these aforementioned issues, Uflex approached Veetee with a holistic solution so that the true potential of the brand could be unleashed.

Uflex offered Veetee a stunning 3D pack with front opening through a slide-to-close zipper. The front, back and bottom panels of the pack are a 3-ply structure comprised of stackable polyester/metallized polyester/polyethylene. The side panels/gussets are made of polyester/polyester/polyethylene that makes it easy for transparent windows on either side so that the consumers can view the rice. The re-closable feature of the bag allows consumers to retrieve only the required amount of product at a time.

“One of the major pain points that Veetee had been facing was the stiff punch handle that its European converter was offering. These punched handles used to almost slit the fingers of the consumers buying 10-15 kg bulk packs,” notes Anup Sachdeva, joint president packaging (global exports), Uflex. “In the bespoke packaging solution that we engineered for Veetee Rice, we have offered a handle that’s on the side gusset. It is baby soft and is made of a special proprietary polymeric composition. When consumers hold the rice pack through side handle, the center of gravity of the load shifts downwards. This reduces the potential energy of the pack lessening the strain in the hands of the consumers.”

To address the slippage issues while stacking, Uflex used stackable polyester as the top substrate/layer in the laminate which has a high coefficient of friction, thereby preventing the bags from slipping to maintain orderliness in the stack.