First comes pouch making, then comes pouch filling – and new advances in filling machines enable co-packers and brands to increase efficiency and output when they’re running a number of SKUs or performing short- to medium-sized runs with many changeovers.

Mamata’s Vegapack PFS Series Pick-Fill-Seal machines are available in two different models – the PFS-260 and PFS-300. Both offer features such as 10-axis servo control, all-servo automation, a stainless steel frame and the ability to handle pre-made pouches ranging from conventional standup pouches to flat-bottom pouches. The main difference between the two is the size of the pouches they can handle. The PFS-260, for instance, works on pouch heights ranging from 140-360 mm and widths from 140-260mm, while the PFS-300’s technical specifications are 175-360 mm and 175-300 mm, respectively.

But the main features that separate the Vegapack PFS Series from others on the market are speeds and quick changeovers. It permits approximately 30 percent higher outputs compared to the similar systems available on the market. When it comes to changeovers, the PFS Series machines can accomplish it in just 15-20 minutes, reducing downtime and adding to the productivity.

The aforementioned are big benefits, but the most unique feature that the PFS Series offers is when it comes to versatility. For instance, if someone were to purchase one of the lines today for the purpose of filling pre-made pouches and eventually wanted to get into the business of converting the equipment to run rollstock, it’s feasible with the PFS Series. With conversion from a pre-made pouch filling system to a rollstock, it saves a significant amount of money and also it increases outputs, as a rollstock would run at much higher speeds compared to the pre-made filling lines.

“It gives double benefits and half the investment because you are able to use the same pre-made pouch filling section and just add the bagging section to convert it to the rollstock,” notes Sanjay Amin, Mamata general manager of sales and customer support marketing.

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