The Sustainable Green Printing Partnership (SGP), the leading authority in sustainable printing certifications for print manufacturers, has elected two new members to its Board of Directors in addition to making two reappointments. 
Joe Stapley of Noble Environmental Technologies (ECOR) and Nicole Papadakis of North American Plastics are new board members, while Chairman Lynn Krinsky of Stella Color and Brett Thompson of Piedmont Plastics had their terms extended three more years.
"As SGP sharpens our focus on creating a more sustainable future through certification of print facilities, we welcome the addition of Joe and Nicole to our board," Krinsky said. "Their experience and expertise in strategic supply chain management and work on sustainable solutions for print will strengthen SGP's ability to positively impact the sustainable production and use of print."
For 2018, SGP anticipates more than 100 certified sustainable printers will continue the partnership's drive toward a fully sustainable future for the print industry. In addition to certifying printers, who comply with rigorous environmental best practices, the organization conducts conferences, seminars, academic studies and sharing sessions to help print manufacturers and print buyers create sustainable supply chains. While each print facility is unique, certification helps each printer achieve a positive environmental impact. 
"Being part of the SGP community reinforces our goal at Noble Environmental Technologies (ECOR) to surround ourselves with individuals and organizations committed to a more sustainable future," Stapley said. "On a personal note, I am honored to join with recognized sustainability leaders on the SGP board."
Papadakis, who serves as North American Plastics’ business development manager, agreed.
"North American Plastics is continually improving our environmental footprint by focusing on sustainable programs like all-inclusive recycling for all our locations, ongoing education initiatives for customers and staff, and actively participating in organizations that share our vision for improving the sustainability of print," she said. "Engaging with SGP helps drive our vision to the greater printing industry and society as a whole."
In addition to the four elected board members, SGP's 2018 Board of Directors includes:
  • Jodi Sawyer, FLEXcon
  • Doreen Monteleone, Flexographic Technical Association
  • Marcia Y. Kinter, Specialty Graphic Imaging Association 
  • Jonathan Graham, TE Connectivity
  • Libra Balian, ANN INC.
  • George Fuchs, National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers 
  • George Glisan, Appalachian State University
  • Paul Glynn, Designtex
  • John Heaney, The Advertisers Printing Co., Inc.
  • Gary Jones, Printing Industries of America
  • Lou Liotta, HomeServe USA
  • Francis Poirer, Jr., Specialty Printer LLC
  • Maureen Tholen, 3M
Sustainable Green Printing Partnership