Rapak North America, part of DS Smith Plastics, has launched its EvacuStrip beverage bags for bag-in-box packaging formats. This next generation bag has been redesigned to incorporate a dip strip – a rigid, rectangular evacuation assistance device – thereby allowing for convenient dispensing of traditional post-mix syrup as well as difficult-to-evacuate pulpy juice or highly viscous liquids.

The enhanced next generation bags are not only more durable and puncture-resistant, but with the dip strip, they provide an evacuation performance of highly viscous liquids in bag-in-box configuration packaging in excess of 99.6 percent at any orientation compared to standard post-mix bags. This includes the most challenging of all – vertically situated bag-in-boxes – and evacuating from the top of the box.

Rapak’s EvacuStrip flexible bags pair perfectly with NSF-approved PCSS+ Line-side connectors providing the full-system solution for bag-in-box dispensing. Rapak EvacuStrip bags for bag-in-box are available in a variety of sizes.


Rapak North America