Windmöller & Hölscher has confirmed Apex International to be certified partner of aniloxes for the highly advanced flexo printing presses in its showroom. Apex will manufacture high-quality ceramic coated (Porosity: < 1 % - Hardness: 1450 Hv) and laser-engraved anilox rolls and sleeves for the W&H printing presses.

Apex obtained this position by successfully completing the “Ablegetest” in the Technologic al Demo Center of W&H in Lengerich. The test is used to evaluate the clean doctoring of the anilox roll at high speeds, common for the W&H printing presses, and it is a major factor in the approval of the performance of an anilox for W&H. The Apex results were named “good” to “very good.”

“We are very thankful for being given the opportunity to supply our products to the W&H showroom,” says Bas van der Poel, tehnical sales director, Apex International. “W&H is known for its top quality, innovation and optimized engineering concepts, in combination with first-class service. We see similarities with Apex’ vision on the market and the approach towards our common customers and therefore we hope this is the start of a fruitful long-lasting partnership.”