Elplast has launched its Innovation Center, offering clients the opportunity to produce prototype bags with various EL-ZIP press-to-close zippers while using a variety of customers’ films. 
”As announced previously, Elplast now has a bag-making machine, the newest addition in equipment to our Innovation Center,” says Marcin Pawelak, president of Elplast Europe. “We are very excited to offer this new and improved quality of cooperation. Instead of talking about new packaging, we can now present it. We understand new packages must be tested before they hit store shelves, and now we can offer such an opportunity to our clients.”
This is the first phase of the Innovation Center development. Next year will bring new capabilities and equipment, including the Elplast slider applicator. With this level of cooperative ability, Elplast continues to pursue innovative opportunities for its customers’ satisfaction.
“Our clients can be confident that we deliver one of the highest quality zipper products on the market today,” Pawelak added. “But we go further: our Innovation Center is the place where we can create new packages and test them; it’s the place where design meets technology and consumers’ expectations.”  
Elplast supplies more than 600 million meters (1.5 billion feet) of press-to-close zipper annually to customers in over 60 countries on six continents, giving Elplast the understanding to operate and remain innovative in the competitive packaging industry. 
EL-ZIP zippers are available in over 250 different styles, from 3-50 mm wide with sealing capability to PE, CPP and OPP sealing layers and suitable for use in the most commonly used packaging machines and processes in the industry.