Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC, developer and manufacturer of intelligent web position sensors and web guides, has partnered with TTS Systems, a Wellingborough, United Kingdom-based designer, manufacturer and distributor of web tension measurement and control products. 
The partnership allows Roll-2-Roll Technologies to reach the converting, paper, plastic film and web printing industries in the U.K. and Ireland through TTS Systems’ sales and technical support team. It also allows TTS Systems to add Roll-2-Roll Technologies’ sensor technology to its line of web measurement and control products.
Aravind Seshadri, president of Roll-2-Roll Technologies, says the partnership is mutually beneficial for both companies. 
“TTS Systems stays in the forefront of the converting industry by providing leading-edge technology solutions to its customers along with its exceptional value added customer service,” he said. “We feel that our combined innovative products and their U.K.-based technical support are a perfect match that will bring great benefits to both our customers in that region.”
Roll-2-Roll Technologies
TTS Systems