More than 60 brand owners, managing directors and print technicians witnessed the Comexi CI8’s improvements in productivity, color management and costs savings at a recent special offset printing open house in Girona, Spain.

During the event, Comexi demonstrated the latest evolutions that Comexi’s offset team has been developing in the past year. Main improvements were completed in efficiency and productivity. For example, the cylinder service station has been directly integrated with the press and with the sleeve-handling robot. This improvement allows fast check of mounted plates and blankets and fast replacement, if required. Furthermore, during the event, Comexi also presented improvements in costs savings in web handling, upgrades in color matching and color management with QuadTech technology, and the possibility to group different designs in one print job.

One of the main highlights of the event was attendees seeing three Comexi CI8 presses working at the same time, each with different features and configurations.

The event concluded with a visit to Comexi CTec’s facilities, where the attendees could discover other Comexi equipment, like Comexi S1 DT slitter with automatic robotic system, labeler and laser technology that boosts productivity.