With increasing demand in the printing industry for equipment that enables more frequent and faster job changes on press, Flint Group has introduced a new, lightweight family of rotec sleeves and bridges designed to increase press efficiency. The new product line provides the same proven polyurethane coating that is known for its durability and solvent resistance in a series of sleeves and adapters that are lighter and easier to handle.

The rotec Lightweight Premium Sleeve – a high performance, plate mounting sleeve offering weight savings up to 40 percent compared to similar premium sleeves – exhibits excellent dimensional stability for high printing speeds, making it particularly effective in the wide web printing sector. The key to its superior all-around performance is the combination of its light weight and ease of use coupled with the premium construction that provides added strength and stability. The sleeve is further enhanced with an aluminum end plate that seals the edges for extra protection against inks, cleaning liquids and humidity, and provides optimum performance and longevity to the sleeve life. 

According to Bob Adler, sales director, Flint Group, “Press operators find that the extremely low tolerances of these sleeves over time result in more consistent register accuracy, thereby delivering unparalleled print results. Presses can run faster with a tight tolerance product. They are also less susceptible to damage and wear and tear over time, thereby having sleeves last a little longer in use.” 

The weight savings in press and mounter applications is further extended to the rotec ULW Bridge – an ultra-lightweight adapter offering up to a 65 percent reduction in weight – a significant weight savings for improved safety and handling by press operators. The ULW Bridge is suitable for all press widths, and offers benefits where higher wall thicknesses are most commonly used, such as in cantilevered mounter applications and unusually large print applications.

To complete the family of sleeves and bridges, the rotec Atlas CFX Bridge offers superior construction in a lightweight sleeve designed to reduce press vibrations in high speed printing. The key to the premium performance lies in the carbon fiber reinforcement layer which lends superior strength and stability to the fiberglass base, which when coupled with the hard polyurethane outer coating provides maximum stability for extremely high print performance at high press speeds.


Flint Group