The Dow Chemical Co. has named Maco PKG as a licensee of its PacXpert packaging technology. As a licensee, Maco will now drive this technology through manufacturing and sales in North America.

Maco’s manufacturing expertise not only enables the company to manufacture PacXpert but also to fill it through Maco’s co-packing capabilities, offering a turnkey approach for brand owners.

“Maco has been a strategic collaborator for Dow over the past few years and this agreement solidifies our joint commitment and belief in the technology,” said Fabrice Digonnet, global leader for PacXpert Packaging Technology. “We believe that Maco is a key collaborator in proliferating the adoption of PacXpert throughout North America.”

PacXpert is a packaging design that enables transition from rigid containers to flexible packaging with sustainability benefits and convenience. The distinctive, flexible stand-up pouch is durable, easy to use, lightweight and collapsible. PacXpert is compatible with liquids, solids, and edible and non-edible materials. Dow trademarked the technology as PacXpert after acquiring the global license to the innovative Smart Bottle technology on which PacXpert is founded.

PacXpert has reached 75 packages on the shelf globally, reaffirming the commitment from Dow, Maco and other industry leaders to making this packaging technology a success in a variety of applications.

“We are very excited to be an official new member of the PacXpert team,” said Tom Seymour, Maco account executive. “Between Dow’s technical expertise and our manufacturing capabilities, we feel like we are well positioned for making PacXpert a success in North America.”

Maco PKG

The Dow Chemical Company