Boulder, Colorado-based Skratch Labs was founded in 2012 with the goal of producing a better, natural sports energy drink and energy bar. Its products passed on using anything artificial, instead opting for natural ingredients, such as chocolate, fruits and coffee – ingredients that made it easy for the body to process and absorb.

In 2017, however, Skratch Labs decided that it was time to take its products – and company – to the next level. As part of achieving that goal, it decided to redesign the packaging on its entire product portfolio.

“The original packaging was designed to highlight the science of the product, hence the ‘Labs’ in ‘Skratch Labs,’” notes Jeff Donaldson, Skratch Labs VP of marketing. “The original imagery included pixelated patterns of fruit. The updated packaging design was part of an overall brand refresh to get the nature and science working more closely together. Based on feedback from consumers, we realized that the individual packages weren’t working together to tell a whole story or follow a consistent structure. There was also an opportunity to improve the appearance and functionality of our packaging.”

Skratch tabbed Zach Lee Designs for the graphics and ePac Flexible Packaging for its packaging. ePac had recently opened a facility in Boulder at the time of Skratch’s redesign. Couple this with the fact that Skratch was intrigued by ePac’s all-digital business model, and the converter became an ideal partner.

“The biggest reason we selected ePac was its ability to print digitally and avoid the cost of plates on 35 SKUs, while having the ability to use multiple textures with the designs,” says Donaldson. “This was a new relationship for Skratch Labs and one that resulted in expectations being exceeded.”

Fast time to market, custom printing and low minimum order requirements are other key benefits that ePac was able to offer Skratch Labs.

The new product packaging includes a number of unique features to enhance the aesthetics and the consumer experience. These include:

  • Enhanced zippers for increased moisture barrier.
  • Easy-tear, single-serve packaging.
  • Contrasting soft touch treatment with metallic patterns.
  • Pixel patterns created from pictures of active athletes.
  • Bold color treatments and imagery to enhance the flavor identifiers.

“Skratch is a great example of how ePac partners with local brands to help them achieve their goals,” says Carl Joachim, ePac chief marketing officer. “We’ve seen great market acceptance of our unique value proposition and currently have plants in Boulder, Colorado and Middleton, Wisconsin to serve local markets and beyond. Additional locations will be operational by mid-2018 in Houston, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles.”