Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics has announced the availability of its ADCOTE HP Solvent-Borne Adhesives, the latest addition to Dow’s existing line of ADCOTE Adhesives and Coatings. ADCOTE HP utilizes Dow’s adhesive experience to meet growing industry demand for enhanced sustainability, health and food safety, durability and flexible performance.

ADCOTE HP is the most advanced and flexible high-performance solvent-borne adhesive available, offering enhanced production efficiency and regulatory compliance. The laminating adhesive also improves cost-in-use and performance for various applications such as snack and ready-meals packaging, juice standup pouches, personal care packaging, sailcloth and photovoltaic (PV) solar panels.

The latest ADCOTE grade is the most recent innovation in solvent-borne adhesives to be introduced, reaffirming Dow’s commitment to its solvent-based adhesives portfolio and addressing customer demand for adhesives that would help to eliminate materials of concern from their packaging.

“Historically, converters have had to accept some tradeoffs when using solvent-borne adhesives,  i.e. lower green bond, lower bond strength, lower temperature and product resistance,” says Kay Boakye-Yiadom, market manager for Laminating Adhesives, Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics. “Now they can have it all. ADCOTE HP is a solvent-borne adhesive that provides health, food safety and sustainability benefits without sacrificing performance.”

The technology offers sustainability benefits, including a long pot life and enabling customers to run solvent-borne adhesives at 50 percent or more solids. They also achieve excellent green bond for foil and high-slip films without decreasing bond performance over time. Additionally, it enhances temperature resistance, and passed both boil-in-bag and heat aging tests with no observed defects while maintaining bond performance following the tests.


Dow Packaging and Specialty Plastics