Ashok Chaturvedi, founder, chairman and managing director of Uflex Limited has been honored with The Economic Times’ 2018 Polymers Lifetime Achievement Award.

Under Chaturvedi’s dynamic leadership, Uflex has evolved to become India’s largest fully integrated multinational flexible packaging materials and solution company. What started as a tiny venture in 1985 is today a flourishing multinational conglomerate with revenue over $1 billion.

The Economic Times’ 2018 Polymers Lifetime Achievement Award was presented recently at a ceremony in Mumbai.  

“Plastics in all forms, whether single-layered, multi-layered or mixed are recyclable/reprocessable and can be put to viable end-of-life use,” Chaturvedi said in his acceptance speech. “We at our manufacturing plants have been successfully demonstrating how polymeric/packaging waste can be efficiently reprocessed. Research on the international scale has proven beyond reasonable doubt that flexible packaging requires much less energy than its rigid counterpart like metals, glass, etc. throughout all three critical phases of its lifecycle.”