Brampton Engineering has built off of its Vector air ring product line with the launch of its Vector S. Vector S offers a reduced starting gauge up to 80 percent compared to conventional air rings. It also features a high resolution thanks to its 180 digital control points adjacent to the lip vs. the 60-80 controls in traditional air rings. Another feature is its digital setup memory and automated monitoring for repeatable quality.

Using aerospace engineering and a deep understanding of how traditional air rings work, Brampton’s engineering team has developed a ground-breaking approach to efficiently distribute chilled air uniformly around the bubble using a single inlet while controlling the flow to secure stable “bubble lock” achieving higher output on the blown film line. Vector provides de-coupled control of “bubble lock” and air flow, allowing for easier setup and optimization for a wider operating window for all types of films. Operators can now maximize process output without affecting bubble stability.

 “This breakthrough offers more cooling capacity to achieve higher output, a wider operating window and the ability to save process setup and recall it precisely from memory – for reliable, repeatable start-ups and better quality film,” says Brampton Engineering CEO Gary Hughes. “I am confident that the release of Vector S will revolutionize the blown film industry. The overwhelming positive customer response to the release of our new technologies is very rewarding.”


Brampton Engineering