Herrmann Ultrasonics will host a Packaging Technology Day on April 12 at its Bartlett, Illinois, location. At the event, attendees will gain insight on how ultrasonic sealing technology provides customized options for the secure sealing of food packaging.

The event will consist of eight workshops, tailored from beginner to expert levels, to dispense knowledge on all aspects of ultrasonic welding technology within the packaging industry. The guest speakers include Jon Pietsch, marketing manager, liquid flexibles, Bemis North America, and Ken Hundley, ultrasonic sales engineer.

“Proper package design and polymer selection ensure the package will perform its primary purpose” says Pietsch. “The purpose of a package is to preserve and protect the product thru its lifecycle – from filling through distribution and shelf life to retail presence and consumer use.”

Hundley’s workshop will be geared toward those looking to improve the seal on their existing pouch as well as those that have not yet implemented ultrasonics or are looking to expand their implementation to other products.


Herrmann Ultrasonics