Uflex’s Shudh Plus Ultra - Sparkling Tactile Sachet with 3D embossing has earned 2018 Gold and Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Awards in technical innovation, and printing and shelf impact, respectively.

Additionally, the package earned the product excellence award and technical excellence award from AIMCAL.

Furthermore, Uflex’s Nescafe Sunrise Non-Foil Instance Coffee Sachet earned Silver Flexible Packaging Achievement Award honors in the sustainability category.

Shudh Plus Ultra ushers into a whole new era of technical Innovation due to its tactile printing. This printing innovation of depositing high strength solids onto flexible packaging substrates provides aesthetically superior packaging options. Also, this development opens a world of new possibilities in creating packs which can be offered for the visually impaired market with Braille printing through tactile functionalities.

Nescafe Sunrise Non-Foil Instant Coffee Sachet is a portion-controlled unit pack of a unique blend of coffee chicory mixture. Instant coffee chicory mixture is extremely hygroscopic and has always been packed in flexible packaging where aluminium foil provides the functional barrier. In order to eliminate the use of aluminium foil to provide a sustainable packaging solution, engineers at Uflex Limited worked on a high barrier metallized polyester film which could effectively replace aluminium foil. The new packaging development for replacement of aluminium foil has been extensively tested with a similar shelf life of 12 months. Consumers are able to get the same product delivery with lesser packaging material and are able to simply tear, dispense and consume the product in entirety. The new packaging consists of 10-micron polyester (reverse printed) and is laminated with 12-micron high barrier metallized polyester and 20-micron polyethylene using a tandem extrusion lamination process. The development has also resulted in a 45 percent weight reduction.

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