MacDermid Graphics Solutions has been named the premier and sole plate supplier for GMG Color/Hybrid Software 2018 Best in Class (BIC) Workshops. 
This series of 12 BIC workshops take place in major cities throughout the North American flexographic printing industry and includes a team of sponsors who represent the “Best in Class” technology available today. 
“MacDermid is excited to be a member of the GMG Color/Hybrid Software Best in Class Team,” said Mike Williams, director of sales, North America, MacDermid. “The 2018 BIC workshops will be a terrific opportunity for MacDermid to showcase our vision and technologies.” 
“We are glad MacDermid is joining the program, they are a valuable addition to the BIC line up,” added Marc Welch, director of strategic accounts, GMG Color. “I feel strongly that the MacDermid products are Best in Class, and the company continues to innovate in the critical technology of flexographic plates.”
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