Elif has increased its capacity 50 percent by making a significant investment in its pre-made bag and pouch lines in order to be able to provide advanced products and new features for changing and developing customer needs.

The pre-made bag product line constitutes the product group in which the industry's innovation rhythm has increased the most. Thanks to its ability to meet all demands through its different features, along with its marketing advantages, its cost in comparison with its counterparts and environmental benefits, this market’s development has been significant. Pre-made bags are placed in three groups: the standup pouch, the quad-seal bag and flat-bottom bag. Each continues to gradually increase its share in the industry.

Having been continuously improving the pre-made bag operations, Elif has improved the features of the pre-made bags in parallel with the market trends while also enhancing the pre-made bag capacity by 50 percent. Aiming to meet the various pre-made bag needs of its customers with zipper, slider, different handle options as well as different alternatives, such as spouts for liquid products and specific shapes, Elif's goal is to enrich its customers with the innovations it engages in.