INX International Ink Co. will introduce the new AquaTech ION-X series inks in Booth 111 at FTA’s InfoFlex from May 7-8 at the Indiana Convention Center in Indianapolis. The AquaTech brand has a rich history with a long track record of strong performance, excellent print stability and other advantages. As a crossover flexo system, ION-X runs on paper and most film stocks.

Jim Krstulic, INX product manager for Tag & Label, says the results of customer beta trials indicate it will be another successful product.

“ION-X performed well,” he says. “The inks printed cleanly and had plenty of strength, which allowed them to use finer line anilox rolls for their spot colors.”

AquaTech ION-X is also available in the ION XS series, which is specifically designed to boost print, film and thermal label printing on anilox rolls up to 1,500 lines per inch by using the 23 Plus Series water-based dispersions.

“The ION X and XS systems are a highly pigmented formulation, which provides for the strong and vibrant colors you’ll see,” Krstulic adds. “The system has a great print response in regards to adhesion, lay down, and user friendliness on a wide variety of porous and non-porous label stocks.”

INX will also display a full range of water-based and UV flexo products at the event. AquaTech ION C Adhesive Kill and INXhrc are proven water-based products that make a difference. ION C Adhesive Kill is a waterborne deadener that can be used on a wide variety of adhesives. This user-friendly coating can be applied to the relief liner or directly to the adhesive itself, and is easy to clean up. INXhrc is designed to produce brilliant color for flexographic and gravure printing on end-use packages. Brand owners favor it since it reduces impact on the environment.


INX International Ink Co.