Schur Flexibles Group has acquired France-based UNI Packaging and has installed Thorsten Kühn as CEO and managing director.
Kühn, whose appointment became effective April 1, completes Schur Flexibles’ management team. The Austrian company is expected to surpass €500 million in sales this year, with €90 million coming from its confectionery business and €100 million coming from its cheese and dairy business.
Following acquisition of Cats Flexibles Packaging, Hänsel Flexible Packaging and Nimax from the Clondalkin Group, UNI Packaging — a leading French packaging specialist for cheese and dairy products — will be integrated into the Schur Flexibles Group by parent company Lindsay Goldberg
UNI Packaging's extensive experience and local presence will strengthen and expand Schur’s position in the rapidly growing markets of cheese and dairy products, fresh products and convenience, especially in France and the U.K. Schur Flexibles will also apply UNI Packaging's proven expertise in pouches — another rapidly growing market segment — throughout Europe.
UNI Packaging is also a recognised expert in digital printing for flexible packaging in Europe. This printing technology will complete Schur Flexibles’ technological portfolio and will provide customers with additional application options for small order quantities. Schur Flexibles will thus offer all printing technologies from rotary and flexo printing processes to offset and digital printing and can therefore respond to customer requirements with maximum flexibility. 
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