Avery Dennison’s ChemControl Portfolio addresses a clear market need: protecting hard-to-hold contents, an application that has been challenging for narrow web converters.

The portfolio, consisting of ChemControl Ultra and Premium UItra structures, is the result of a 16-month innovation process to develop high-barrier products offering the premium chemical resistance needed for hard-to-hold packaging. The new products were designed specifically for narrow web applications, ease of process and total applied cost.

The new materials have undergone stringent lab testing to verify their ability to contain applications that use more volatile ingredients. These flexible packaging laminations:

  • Resist permeation, absorption and attack by traditionally aggressive ingredients.
  • Provide outstanding gas barriers to oxygen, moisture, nitrogen and carbon dioxide.
  • Are superior for packaging a wide range of personal care and cosmetics, essential oils, industrial cleaners and single-use automotive additive applications in gel, liquid and powder forms.

Avery Dennison