MacDermid Graphics Solutions is the first plate supplier to receive the FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification, Level III, from the Flexographic Technical Association (FTA). 
The FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification process yields experts in flexographic printing support, consultation and communication who are proficient in communicating the principles and practices of FIRST across the entire flexographic supply chain. This certification signifies MacDermid’s commitment to meet and exceed the stringent requirements in the printing industry. 
MacDermid’s technical support team completed all three levels of training before receiving the Level III certification.
“While the FTA is glad a number of plate suppliers are now committed to FIRST certification training for their staff, we are also pleased to graduate MacDermid as they become the initial plate supplier to fully train all of their technical representatives to FIRST Implementation Specialist Certification, Level III,” said Duane Woolbright, FTA manager of training services. “They join a long list of industry suppliers that are dedicated to promoting consistent and repeatable printing via the FIRST Certification process.”
Ryan Vest, MacDermid director of innovation, adds: “MacDermid remains dedicated to maintaining high quality and innovative service to our customers. FIRST training is a critical piece of our strategy to help raise the bar in consistency and standardization across our industry.”
MacDermid Graphics Solutions