Charter NEX, a leading independent manufacturer of specialty films, has joined Haney’s VIA AllianceTM program, which aims to connect brands to raw material suppliers.
“We are excited to onboard Charter NEX Films into Haney’s VIA AllianceTM consumer packaging materials and technology library,” Haney President and co-founder Dan Haney said. “Charter NEX is an innovative company that provides high-performance flexible packaging films to numerous top-of-mind CPG brands. Charter NEX, Haney and our other VIA AllianceTM supply chain partners offer a one-of-a-kind package development platform that connects, inspires and accelerates breakthrough solutions for today’s fast moving CPG companies.”
VIA launched in 2015 to complement Haney’s prototyping, sales sample and e-commerce capabilities. The program’s intent was to allow brands to explore new print effects/finishes, materials and technologies that inspire disruptive, out-of-the-box brand packaging solutions. 
“We look forward to infusing Charter NEX films into our clients upstream brand package initiatives and are excited about their can-do attitude and willingness to develop custom solutions for our fast moving, go-to-market initiatives,” Haney says.
David Bartish, business development manager at Charter NEX Films, says the company is focused on producing high-quality solutions, whether it is mono-layer, multi-layer, barrier or specialty film.
“We love the concept of the VIA program,” he said. “Being able to work with the end users during the development process allows Charter NEX to customize solutions to meet the performance needs for any given application.”
Bartish noted the visibility VIA provides is a powerful selling point and will enable Charter NEX to find solutions for brands early in the development process.
In addition to bringing custom films to market, Charter NEX continues to create new specialty products, including a new line of sustainable films called GreenArrow.
“We are now able to introduce films that contain up to 40 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content,” Bartish says. “In addition to films which contain PCR, the GreenArrow line consists of barrier and multi-layer PE films which meet the content requirements for store drop-off recycling programs where PE recycling streams are available."
Charter NEX