Schur Flexibles Flexofol GmbH has introduced BarrierTop X 35, an ultra-thin high-barrier film that offers cost reduction and enhanced sustainability.
At 35 micrometers, BarrierTop X 35 is currently the thinnest film available on the market and provides unrivaled material savings and all-round performance. Moreover, its exceptional transparency enables perfect point-of-sale presentation, making it ideal for high-barrier applications such as chilled foods, cooked meats, sausages, cheese, fish and dry foods.
BarrierTop X 35 has a strong oxygen and aroma barrier and comes with optional anti-fog properties. The ultra-thin film has a PE sealing layer, which ensures outstanding sealing quality and, despite minimum film thickness, it guarantees product safety due to its high mechanical strength. The film reliably seals all CAP/MAP applications, as well as pre-formed trays, and can be used for vertical and horizontal flow wrap applications. 
The highly transparent material is printable in flexography and rotogravure in up to 11 colors with reverse or surface options. It can be further enhanced by using high quality print effects such as matte, gloss and paper touch. This is ideal for highlighting product qualities, giving them a competitive edge at the point-of-sale.
BarrierTop X 35 leads to less packaging waste, and due to an increased number of linear meters per reel, there is a reduction in reel changes during the packaging process. In addition, it enables higher packing rates through optimized sealing media.
Schur Flexibles