Innovia Films is refocusing its research and development efforts on high-barrier materials after a substantial investment in new assets, which will allow the company to produce a range of new BOPP products with optimum barrier performance. The first to market will be high-barrier metallized films, followed by AlOx clear high barrier films and co-extruded oxygen barrier films. 

“We are very close to bringing these assets on stream and have already been working hard to develop new films that will help to extend the shelf life of a range of products, thereby reducing food waste,” says Stephen Langstaff, global business manager, Innovia’s packaging division.” What is also exciting is that we will be developing options that will allow pack simplification, by removing/replacing layers within lamination materials that restrict recycling.  They will also assist in the production of mono layer materials for different applications that will enable them to be more easily recycled and be included in circular economy packaging design processes.”

Discussions under non-disclosure agreements with key brands are already under way to establish opportunities and map out specific requirements. 


Innovia Films