Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury has designed an eye catching and innovative shrink sleeve for an egg-shaped cleaner from Ecoegg.

Producing the shrink sleeve for Ecoegg was a huge technical challenge due to the complexity of the shape. The brief was to create a shrink sleeve that would encapsulate the container and stay attached even when the cleaner was twisted open. It was vital that the shrink sleeve remain on the product after its first opening so that the instructions stay attached to each half of the container.

Paul Mayall, Clondalkin Bury’s shrink sleeve technical manager, explains: “This gave us the challenge of designing and producing a perforation that peeled down and around the product to reveal the center of the container, which is twisted open to reveal the cleaning paste and sponge in each half of the ‘egg.’ A cold seal adhesive is applied with a bespoke pattern to allow the shrink sleeve to remain on the container without it being removed when peeling the perforation and twisting the product open.”

Based in the U.K., Ecoegg produces eco-friendly laundry and cleaning products that don’t contain any harsh chemicals and are environmentally friendly.


Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury