IMPAK has developed a line of Mylar-foil drum inserts to help increase shelf life of contents while protecting them from the elements.

IMPAK’s drum liners are manufactured from high-barrier foil Mylar laminate and have a flat, round bottom that allows them to conform to the interior of drums and pails. Polyethylene drum liners have long been used to protect drums, allowing processors to reuse the drum without downtime for cleaning, but they do little to protect the product itself. The Mylar-foil inserts from IMPAK are specifically made to dramatically increase shelf life while protecting contents from the degrading effects of water, moisture vapor, light and oxygen.

In addition to enhanced barrier properties and tensile strength, the majority of IMPAK’s drum liners are produced with a structure that can handle hot-fill and autoclave sterilization processes.

With available sizes ranging from as small as 1 gallon to as large as 55 gallons, these drum liners serve a wide range of applications from sensitive biological media to industrial chemicals and pharmaceutical intermediates, resins and more. The inner layer is an FDA-compliant food-safe material and the bags may be heat sealed.

As a supplier of spout bags with highly specialized fitments, IMPAK can even custom produce round bottom drum liners with valves and fitments for liquid filling.