In addition to educational presentations and networking, the 2018 Global Pouch Forum (June 13-15; Miami, Florida) will also offer a tabletop exhibition space where some of the latest technologies and products in flexible packaging will be put on display. Here’s a preview of some of the hottest new innovations:

Products and Innovations at GPF

Aptar (A44): Aptar will show its range of pouch dispensing solutions, from child-friendly spouts and closures to one-piece dispensing spouts. On display will be its SimpliSqueeze anti-spill valve, and EZ Pour and Quick Flip fitments. EZ Pour is ideal for dry foods, like sugars and cereals, while Quick Flip is designed for both dry foods and sauces and/or condiments. Aptar will have examples of a new inverted STANDCAP pouch on hand, which features its flip-top lid, tamper evident pull ring and SimpliSqueeze valve.

Atlapac (A27): Atlapac will feature its addition of a new block-bottom pouch line with a premium ultrasonic coffee valve system to its contract converting offerings. These are true flat-bottom pouches with the ability to add Pocketzip and a degassing valve. PocketZip provides a more practical filling option and in turn offers the consumer a next-level closure free of possible issues with opening. “We provide pre-built templates for 12 ounce and 16 ounce bags, to seamlessly add in artwork to coincide with the most common market demands and add efficiency to manufacturing,” says Paul Unrue, Atlapac president.

Charter NEX (A26): Charter NEX will showcase the latest in innovative film solutions, including its GreenArrow recyclable multi-layer PE and barrier films for standup pouches and singe-ply laminations. GreenArrow films are a growing family of sustainable film solutions designed to meet the growing demand for more recyclable and lower carbon footprint packaging. Solutions within the portfolio include barrier and multi-layer films that meet the content requirements for the How2Recycle Store Drop-off label, films produced from starch-based and bio-based materials, and films produced with up to 40 percent post-consumer recycled content. 

Dow (VIP Booth): Dow is putting its RecycleReady and PacXpert Technology on display. The former, which was created in collaboration with the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, enables the production of flexible packages that can be recycled through existing polyethylene (PE) recycling streams, such as existing store drop-off programs. PacXpert helps enable the transition from larger traditional rigid containers to flexible packaging options, offering sustainability advantages including less material used to make each package and increased transportation efficiency.


Dow's RecycleReady and PacXpert Technology


Flair Flexible Packaging (B31): Flair Flexible Packaging will feature its unique packaging solutions that give manufacturers and food processors new opportunities to make their brand more visible, more profitable and more sustainable. From standup and die-cut, to spout/fitment and retort, Flair will provide examples of custom pouch designs and extraordinary print quality that are generating exceptional results in applications including meat, dairy, bakery, beverage, soups, sauces, snacks and pet food in a variety of packaging and thermal-processing systems such as MAP, retort and HPP.


Flair's custom pouch designs


Karlville (A17): Karlville will showcase its latest solutions for digital flexible packaging along with HP, which includes Pack Ready Lamination (thermal lamination technology) and with ebeam (curing technology). Moreover, Karlville will also focus on recyclable pouch solutions using RecycleReady Technology from Dow Chemical and ultrasonic pouch making from Widmann.

Kuraray (B22): Kuraray will have several of its high-barrier plastics on hand, including the PLANTIC HP Sheet, EVAL EVOH resins and KURARISTER film. PLANTIC HP combines high-barrier film performance with bio-based content to offer a more sustainable solution for converters. EVAL EVOH resins are designed for high-performance applications, and KURARISTER is a transparent high-barrier retortable film ideal for laminated standup pouch and lidding applications.

Mamata (A28): Mamata will discuss its converting machines, Pick, Fill and Seal machines, and HFFS machines. Among these, the company will profile one of its new pouch machines, specifically designed to address companies involved in digital printing as well as converters looking for options with small to medium runs. The machine offers a small footprint for standup pouch making and can perform complete changeover in a matter of minutes. It also runs laminates and recyclable structures.

Michelman (B1): As a provider of water-based and sustainable primers for digital printing and coating solutions for flexible and paper packaging, Michelman will highlight its matte finish OPV, high transparent oxygen barrier and extrusion primer technologies. Michelman’s advances in coating technology are designed to help all members of the packaging value chain increase food shelf life and safety compliance, reduce waste through downgauging/lightweighting and improve the overall consumer experience with packaging.


Michelman’s advances in coating technology


Morris Packaging (B28): Morris Packaging will feature its new line of recyclable polyethylene laminates and pouches with and without barrier, which can be recycled through the How2Recycle programs at retail store drop-offs. Morris’ EcoQuest solves the packaging supply chain challenge of a sustainable, recyclable package built for the complexities of the U.S. recycling stream, a way to create a flexible package that can be easily recycled through existing How2Recycle recycle programs.

ProAmpac (A3-4): ProAmpac will display a slew of products, including the E-Z SnackPak single-serve easy-opening format, PRO-DURA, a durable line of woven PP bags, PRO-Pouch Touch, a new line of textured finishes, PRO-Vue Shield, a film designed for food products requiring excellent oxygen barrier along with outstanding sealing properties, PRO-LOCKNPEEL, a peelable top seal with a hermetically sealed package targeted for dry and salty snacks, and the company’s premium pet food packaging solution, Quadflex.




Rinco Ultrasonics (A42): Rinco will highlight a trio of new products: its electrical motion welding system, AGM Pro generator and a compact linear actuator. It’s new welding machine, available in 20 kHz and 35 kHz frequencies, represents a move away from traditional pneumatic type press systems to electrically driven machines. AGM Pro is designed to be built into automation lines and special- purpose machines for controlling ultrasonic components. Finally, the compact linear actuators have been developed in response to many integrators’ requests for a robust and compact actuator that meets today’s stringent requirements and provides long component life.

Sonoco (A54): In addition to highlighting its new capabilities following the June 2017 acquisition of Clear Lam Packaging, Sonoco will also have samples of its Tree Top apple sauce in a ClearGuard flexible pouch on hand. The ClearGuard liquid pouch has been proven to meet or exceed barrier and shelf-life requirements for a variety of growing product categories, and it can stand up to the demands of the retort process, which involves high pressure and high temperatures.


Sonoco's ClearGuard


Sun Chemical (B33): Designed to improve shelf life and enable the lightweighting of packaging, Sun Chemical will showcase its SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings. The coatings are designed to provide a smooth, homogenous, pinhole-free layer that can be easily overprinted with inks and laminated to a variety of secondary films. SunBar (Aerobloc) coatings can be purchased as pre-coated films or easily applied with few changes to current equipment. They’re cost-effective, recyclable, biodegradable and press-ready.

Toppan (B5-6): Toppan USA will show various lineups of its GL FILM, a transparent high-barrier film for a wide range of applications, such as food and beverage, medical and industrial. GL FILM has over 30 years of history and has been used for over 15,000 products in more than 45 countries. Toppan USA will also showcase the packaging technologies of its parent company, Toppan Printing, and its subsidiary co-packing company, Pouchfill Packaging.


Toppan USA's GL FILM


Totani (A30): Totani will share information on its standup pouch and Box Pouch machines with Top-Bottom Registration technology that is helping fulfill customer needs with narrow web printing technology and large format applications. The company’s innovations also include the Digital Positioning Assist System and Quick Release seal bar change for fast changeovers, as well as an option for running PE/PE recyclable pouches. Its full-shape die-cut unit offers fast setup, improved scrap removal and permits increased blade life with speeds up to 200 cpm. Totani will also discuss its ST-30 spout inserting machine.



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What: 2018 Global Pouch Forum

When: June 13-15

Where: InterContinental Miami, Miami, Florida