Sealed Air Corporation has partnered with Kuraray America to offer food packaging materials derived from its Plantic bio-based resins.

“We are expanding our portfolio of sustainable solutions with Plantic’s bio-based materials. This solution enables us to offer a renewable packaging option and continue helping the industry address food waste by extending the shelf-life and freshness of food,” says Karl Deily, president of Sealed Air Food Care. “This investment also accelerates Sealed Air’s commitment to building a sustainable future.”

Through this new cooperation with Kuraray, Sealed Air will offer Plantic materials to package perishable foods such as poultry, beef and seafood in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. The materials provide a highly effective oxygen barrier that is also cost competitive with traditional barrier films. 

“This agreement with Sealed Air expands the options for sustainable bio-based barrier packaging that will benefit consumers, retailers and processors equally,” says Robert Armstrong, general manager of EVAL and Plantic, Kuraray America. “Plantic materials set a new standard for bio-based barrier packaging performance, provide unmatched sustainability metrics and can be recycled through traditional streams in some countries including Australia.”


Sealed Air


Kuraray America