For decades, the companies that comprise The CLI Group have been making coated and laminated products, and helping clients with product development in a pilot facility. An integral part of these process lines is web spreading and lay-flat technology with polyband expander rolls.

The products frequently run by The CLI Group can be difficult to handle, which makes the spreader roll one of the most important components on these lines. Lemtech International’s Lemex expander roll has been a go-to product for The CLI Group for this purpose and more.

“The spreading action provided by the expander roll gives us the ability to run these (difficult) materials and achieve good quality coatings and laminations,” says Paul Harencak, VP and general manager of The CLI Group.

The Lemex expander roll is fabricated from an anodized extruded aluminum shell and a series of individual elastomeric bands that run across the face of the roll. These bands are connected to cams on each end that provide the web spreading action as the roll turns. Positioned correctly in the web path, the substrate will hit the expander roll where the bands are at their contracted position and exit the roll where the bands are extended, creating a maximum spreading effect across the substrate. The amount of spreading can be adjusted simply by changing the location on the roll in which the web enters and exits.

The expander roll is commonly used in printing, laminating, coating, slitting, extrusion, embossing and calendering process line applications, but is also used in other less conventional converting equipment lines. Essentially, it is used in any application in which web wrinkling is a problem, and it is installed in the equipment line just like a typical dead shaft idler roll. It can be mounted wherever there are wrinkling problems. Many converters use them immediately before coating, laminating or winding processes, at the most critical points prior to a value-added operation to ensure a flat web entering the critical components of the web line.

According to Lemtech, the Lemex polyband expander rolls are versatile with the number of substrates they’re able to work with, including acrylics, polyethylene, polyester, polypropylene, vinyls, cotton, knits, rubber, foams, and synthetics.


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