ePac Flexible Packaging is adding digital printing capacity to its Madison, Wisconsin-based facility to keep pace with growing demand.

Expected to be operational in July, ePac Madison will add a third HP Indigo 20000 digital press to serve increasing demand from small and medium-sized local and regional businesses, as well as global CPGs working with ePac for product differentiation only made possible through digital printing.

According to Virag Patel, chief operating officer of ePac Holdings: “There are really two reasons for adding a third HP 20000 in ePac Madison at this time: First, it’s needed to keep pace with steadily increasing demand, and second; our Madison plant is considered our flagship location, providing the flexibility and additional capacity needed as we open new sites across the country. We currently have six locations and plans to grow to 15 by 2020, so having this added capacity in Madison allows us to quickly enter new markets months before the plants are fully operational.”

ePac is the first North American company to be built entirely on the latest in digital printing technology from HP, the Indigo 20000. The company began operations in May 2016 in Madison, Wisconsin, followed by Boulder, Colorado, in December 2017, Chicago and Miami in June 2018, and two additional plants in Austin, Texas, and Los Angeles are currently underway.


ePac Flexible Packaging