Fox Packaging has announced a film upgrade that will improve its patented Stand-Up Combo bag’s performance and visual appeal.

Previously made from a proprietary polyethylene blend, Fox Packaging has been working with a film partner to develop a higher performing recyclable alternative that is compatible with existing polyethylene recycle streams without diminished clarity, physical properties, or the waste that laminated or non-recyclable materials create.

“Fox Packaging is committed to a variety of sustainability initiatives both in our manufacturing processes and in the packaging solutions we offer,” says Aaron Fox, Fox Packaging executive vice president. “We understand our responsibility to help our customers provide sustainable solutions to shoppers and are always investing in those efforts. This new and improved pouch bag film has been a top priority for us and we are pleased to finally unveil it.”

The Stand-Up Combo bag is constructed from a combination of poly and mesh for optimal breathability and ample printing space. It also features a functional, flat bottom for upright display. Ranging in size from 1 to 5 pounds, the bag is available in 12 colors of nonabrasive mesh and with a convenient zip closure. Fox’s state-of-the-art surface flexo printing process produces a dynamic range of colors to help customers’ branding stand out on the store shelf.


Fox Packaging