The Flexographic Technical Association (FTA) and its Foundation (FFTA) have announced changes to the 2018-2019 FTA Board of Directors and FFTA Board of Trustees.
Following the completion his term as chairman of the FFTA Board of Trustees, Howard B. Vreeland, Jr. of Anderson & Vreeland will continue as FTA vice chair, suppliers. Other members leaving after completing two full terms, totaling six years’ service each, include Jason Barrier, Printpack Inc; John Crammer, Best Label Company Inc; and Jack Fulton, Printron.
The association welcomes three board members entering their first term: Doug Bartlett, Multi-Color Corp; Jeff Dietz, KBA North America; and Jennye Scott, Berry Global.
“Board member transition keeps the organization healthy and energized,” says Mark Cisternino, FTA/FFTA president. “It always amazes me how six years can fly by so fast. I enjoy working with the members of the FTA & FFTA Boards, so seeing them cycle off after completing their terms brings mixed emotions. Welcoming new Board members is always exciting. I look forward to working with Doug, Jeff and Jennye, three very active, supporting FTA members.”
Officers on FTA’s 2018 Board of Directors include: 
  • Mary Sullivan, Mark Andy Inc., Chair
  • Johnny Dye, Accredo Packaging, Chair-Elect
  • Mark Cisternino, President
  • Ian Hole, idh Consulting, Treasurer
  • Kim Madigan, Smyth Companies LLC, Vice Chair, Printers/Converters/CPCs
  • Howard B. Vreeland, Jr., Anderson & Vreeland, Vice Chair, Suppliers
  • James Stone, VinEquities, Vice Chair, Education
FFTA’s Board of Trustees includes:
  • Alexander James, Kodak, Chair
  • Jean Engelke, Chair-Elect
  • Mark Cisternino, President
  • Ian Hole, idh Consulting, Treasurer
  • J.P. Delage, Master Packaging Inc., Vice Chair, Scholarships
  • Kelly Roberts, Canflexographics Ltd., Vice Chair, Solicitations
  • Geoff Roznak, Great Northern Corp., Vice Chair, Project Evaluations
Members at large include:
  • Doug Bartlett, Multi-Color Corp.
  • Jeff Dietz, KBA North America
  • Ron Premo, ProAmpac
  • Jennye Scott, Berry Global
  • Dale Walbert, Eurostampa California
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