Film manufacturers that produce packaging materials for plastic bags and packaged goods are demanding increased impact/puncture strength for product integrity during packaging and transport. Now, they can validate the film’s strength using a new impact testing tool from Testing Machines, Inc. (TMI).

The Spencer Impact Tester attachment has just been released as an available option on TMI’s Elmendorf Tear Tester, model 83-76. It can either be purchased integrally with a new 83-76 or added later, providing additional utility from this already widely used tear testing instrument.

Impact resistance of plastic films provides useful information to determine the energy required to puncture a film sheet. The Spencer Impact method is based on ASTM D 3420. An attachment to the Elmendorf Tear Tester is mounted on the top of the instrument and measures the puncture impact resistance of a plastic film sheet or other related sheet-like material. The fixture consists of a probe mounted onto the end of the Elmendorf pendulum and an air-operated clamp used to secure the film sample. The unit measures the resistance to impact/puncture as the probe penetrates a sheet of plastic film. Both Elmendorf Tear and Spencer Impact measurements can be performed on one instrument.


Testing Machines, Inc.