Liqui-Box’s Upper Sandusky, Ohio, facility has been awarded the FDA/IMS certification based on the location’s commitment to the robust sanitation standards set forth by the FDA for interstate milk shippers. Its dispensing taps and fitments used in bag-in-box packaging are widely used by companies across the dairy industry.

Liqui-Box has been awarded the IMS certification for more than 30 years and continues to adhere to the strictest manufacturing standards to ensure the quality and safety of fitments and final packaging. The fitments produced at Liqui-Box include the innovative Flip-n-Seal system, a resealable dispensing solution that allows users to open, connect and reseal via a probe connection. This way of connecting to dispensers prevents products from being exposed to outside contaminants.

“We are very proud of Team Upper Sandusky lead by Chuck Rawlins, plant manager, and Dennis Lortz, quality manager,” says Roseann Brown, Liqui-Box’s corporate director of quality. “We are very pleased with the continued commitment delivered from all our valued Upper Sandusky employees to earn the FDA/IMS certification once again. We are keeping a keen focus on quality daily. Being recognized with this certification just validates our efforts throughout the year. Our dairy business has been a fundamental product segment for us throughout the years, but our robust quality standards extend across all the products and industries we serve.”

Liqui-Box first began providing solutions for the dairy industry more than 50 years ago. Since then, it has continued to provide products that comply with rigorous FDA sanitization standards while implementing innovative technology to drive performance and productivity throughout the beverage industry.