RadTech, the non-profit trade association for ultraviolet and electron beam technologies (UV+EB), will launch a new conference in 2019 called BIG IDEAS for UV+EB Technology, taking place March 19-20, in Redondo Beach, California. 
BIG IDEAS replaces the regional uv.eb WEST event, focusing on the “big ideas” for UV+EB rapidly emerging on a global scale. This two-day conference and table-top exhibition will feature conference sessions such as moving from 3D printing to additive manufacturing with UV technology, developing data-driven materials, the increased use and development of UVC LED, new applications for UV+EB and more.
"uv.eb WEST has always been a successful event for the UV+EB industry," says Mickey Fortune, BIG IDEAS director. "But our industry is looking to discover major opportunities with BIG IDEAS to showcase the disruptive and transformative nature of UV+EB on the global stage with this new conference. BIG IDEAS will offer the industry a forum to discuss the future of UV+EB technology while learning more about the applications and science that will enable developments two years, five years, 10 years down the road."