Liqui-Box has announced the launch of its new SealGard bag-in-box dairy film, which utilizes state-of-the-art resin technology focusing on a step change in durability and performance across key performance criteria. The SealGard film's durability performance is optimized for refrigerated product applications, a valuable benefit to dairy suppliers.

The refrigerated drop test performance has demonstrated a 200 percent improvement compared to current industry standard dairy films and a 380 percent improvement to impact resistance. These improvements have been accomplished using higher performance resins that also translated to lighter bags, therefore saving on inbound freight costs by as much as 25 percent. These improvements will lead to fewer leakers both off the filler and in the field.

Kevin Griffin, sales director - key accounts at Liqui-Box states: "We've been delivering advanced packaging to the dairy industry since the 1960s and SealGard is the latest iteration in our continued focus on innovation. We've taken the time to develop a packaging film that delivers on the key performance criteria our customers require. The durability and toughness, especially for refrigerated products, is something that will add immediate value to our customers’ production. Add to that the improved transportation efficiency and reduced raw material required to produce SealGard, and we have a product we can really be proud of."