Jet Printing in Tennessee has rebranded the firm to Jet Packaging Group, a revitalization that comes in response to the increasing need for more innovative flexible packaging, especially made with compostable, renewable and recyclable materials.

 “Our new name better expresses what we do,” says Charlie McClary, president and CEO of the company and a 25-plus year veteran of the food production, processing and packaging industry. “In the past two decades, Jet Printing has grown from a simple flexible packaging printer to a full-service provider of Innovative packaging solutions for consumer products, including design and manufacturing. We have been innovators in sustainable packaging and continue to lead the industry in environmentally responsible packaging options for brands and consumers who care.”

 McClary said customers requesting environmentally friendly packaging recognize that recyclable packaging and compostable packaging designs endear end users to the customer brand, as does renewable packaging made with sustainable materials.

“Each package becomes a brand differentiator as well as a package that’s good for the earth,” he says. 

Jet strives to be a responsible steward of its customers’ resources as well as a hub for passionate, packaging professionals who encapsulate the entire consumer journey within every design. JPG’s full list of services include packaging design and engineering, with custom solutions for pre-formed pouches, roll stock, barrier films and lamination, flexo printing, laser score and perforation, and graphics and plates.  


Jet Packaging Group