Aripack has partnered with NEO Plastics, an innovative plastics company offering a new tool toward a zero-waste sustainability strategy.  
NEO plastics are designed to convert waste to biogas. By accelerating the natural process in anaerobic landfills, a NEO organic additive creates the opportunity to unlock the energy in plastics, delivering biogas to waste facilities that collect and convert it into clean, sustainable energy.  
Brands looking for sustainable packaging solutions can now look to NEO as a resource.
“Consumers are becoming more aware of the impact packaging has on our environment and demand a response,” says Aripack Founder Isak Bengiyat. “Innovation is who we are at Aripack, and we believe in providing our customers with options, especially when it comes to the environment. The key is creating practical solutions that add value without disruption, and we believe NEO is that solution.” 
NEO Plastics