Roll-2-Roll Technologies LLC, developer and manufacturer of intelligent web position sensors and web guides, has partnered with Rod Ambrose Industrial Sales, a manufacturing sales representative firm for the West Coast.
According to the July 2018 agreement, Rod Ambrose Industrial Sales is the exclusive sales representative of Roll-2-Roll Technologies’ line of web guiding solutions products for California, Arizona, Nevada and Utah. 
Rod Ambrose Industrial Sales, represented by Rod Ambrose, has been in operation for more than 15 years in the converting, manufacturing, processing, agriculture and aerospace industries. The company represents manufacturers of corona/plasma surface treatment, LED stroboscopic surface inspection, tension control systems, ink delivery systems, static control, airshafts and engineered integrated systems.  
The partnership will allow Roll-2-Roll to reach the converting, paper, plastic film and web printing industries in the Western states. Converters in the region will have access to the most advanced web sensor and control technology available in the industry.   
Aravind Seshadri, President of Roll-2-Roll Technologies, said Rod Ambrose Industrial Sales has expertise in many areas, making it an ideal representative. 
"Rod Ambrose Industrial Sales is known in the converting industry for its expertise in many areas within the industry," Seshadri said. "These areas include motion and tension control, web, cleaning, static control, corona surface treatment and surface inspection. Our companies agree that web guiding and web monitoring through our sensors and controls are a great fit with their line of products and expertise. We expect a prosperous relationship for both organizations." 
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